During my research I Found that 77% of Britons find it hard to talk about death. The event space aims to shift this cultural narrative that talking about death with other people is taboo or uncomfortable by providing a multi-functional space that educates, supports and connects the surrounding community to the subject of death. This is a multipurpose space, during the day it will be used by families who are wishing to rewatch family videos to remember the bereaved at any point after the crematorium experience. This allows families to re connect with their shared grief in a safe environment and also celebrate their deceased loved one. There is also an opportunity for those using the digital death pods to select videos and photos that they want to share with their family for this experience. At night it is a death education space, working to educate people on wider death culture, from art to science, this space connect wider topics such race, gender and class to death and death culture.
Work / Project

Water Cremation by Eilidh McEwan