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Alisyah Zulkifli

A self-taught Creative from Singapore

Racist Mehhh

Racist Mehhh

This campaign is about unraveling the meaning behind Singapore casual racial stereotypes. So this campaign helps to eliminate the arrogant attitude towards others by in-steeling basic knowledge of the truth to stereotypes. Although, most stereotypes has it truth to an extend, some are just plain ridiculous. In collaboration with MOE, Ministry of Education and SG Kindness Movement, workshops and activities are created for students to participate in this campaign within the school environment. By using fun ways such as game cards and a publication for them to understand the issue.

Stereotype of Malays

Stereotypes of Chinese

Stereotypes of Indian

The poster is made up of different stereotype in a form of a metaphor. This to to show how ridiculous one assumption of another race is without the full context of what they just said or pass on. There is no distinct link between the racist phrase they say or heard.


This publication is on the origin and the seed of stereotypes made in Singapore, how this made believe stereotypes came about and how it formed to today's context of racism

Game Card

This guessing game cards can either be played with friends whereby the player holding the card on their head have to guess the gesture or single word said of other players. The other players that is giving out the hints can show gesture of short phrases of what the race is.


This box consist of the card game and publication.

Website Racist Mehhh

This website encourages the target audience to view the cards, information and programmed held by MOE. This is also the link for them to purchase the card games if they would like to purchase it for their friends or families