Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 4

Youngeun Cho





Creating an Open Leap Point for New Renaissance in Glasgow


Currently, the site is a connection point connecting the city’s central districts, and it is relatively inactive. Barras, once a cultural and commercial centre, is now declining, but still located right next to Merchant City and has ties to many of its cultural, artistic and performing spaces. The site is located in the boundaries of two different areas and in various program contexts. Already, there is a hub of creativity called Barras art and design right next to the site, and as an extension of this, I felt that we need a space to influence the cultural growth and exchange and development of more diverse and wider creative ideas.

In the world where things are rapidly changing and everything is getting faster, people’s expectations are rising and it is very difficult to live in line with this changing world. If we leave our bodies to this fast flow, we want to walk another path at some point, not this way. Perhaps, as we adapt ourselves to this rapid trend, the forms of work and workspaces are diversifying and the boundaries between jobs are gradually breaking down already. It is no longer natural to go to work to workspace, nor is it natural to have a single job. However, it is also true that is hard to start a new interest when living under the influence of their own lives.

This project is a place where opportunities, places, people in need of communication, where they can express their hidden ambition and talents to the fullest and connect with others to create greater possibilities.