Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 5

Yik Yeong Look

Remembering the Dark Past

Remembering the Dark Past

“Amid the rise of worldwide social movements fighting against racism, can architecture, manifesting as a physical presence in Glasgow to acknowledge its historical ties to the transatlantic slave trade and represent these realities as an integral part of the city’s history, help in bringing reconciliation to its diverse and multicultural society?”

The thesis responds by proposing a journey to travel down into an abandoned railway tunnel, hidden underneath the affluent streets of West End, to view the city from another perspective, revealing and memorializing Glasgow’s dark past and its legacy on modern society. The tunnel is designed as an experiential museum and memorial to create a linear experience travelling through the dark, evoking the memories of the city. The Demolished railway stations along the railway line are rebuilt as “Ghosts” of the glorious past and serve as entrances into the tunnel.

Glasgow's Dark Past

Landscape of Memory

Ghost Station (Shell)

Ghost Station (Core)

Remembering the Dark Past

Memorial Hall