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Sheila Tanyn

Dwelling –

Dwelling is more than just a shelter for living and activities. Rather, it is the relation of humans and their senses to space, a space that facilitates the engagement of human senses and emotions. I consider the state of dwelling almost non-existent in Singapore. There is a lack of connection between human feelings and spaces. Houses in Singapore feel like they are designed for only functional activities such as sleeping and eating.

Steven Holl mentioned in an interview that he once read an article about a video artist — they describe going into his workspace, which is piled with pizza boxes and coke cans and has black garbage bags taped over his windows to keep light from going in so he can work on his machines for 20 hours at a time. Light and fresh air are biological needs but lacked in the video artist workspace because the space was intended for a specific activity. When space is designed around activity, we lost touch with human needs, and suddenly we turn against the natural environment. Design should mirror or symbolize human experience and existence through unique design and atmosphere. When a space is a design for activities before human experience, there is bound to be a tragic exclusion of space and human content quality.


Other Projects
Final Year Project

Final Year Project

The Final Year Project attempts to uncover the essence of familiar space and why are they important to us. Understanding dwelling is a way to ultimately understand the relation of human to space.

I started this project in the smallest and intimate scale by mapping home to pay attention to spaces and uncovering the relation of man and space. The meaning, the significance and the essence of the spaces we go through daily. Paying attention to spaces helps in thinking and understanding the relation of man and space.

This is achieved by dissecting the user journey and extracting the moments of the senses engaged and the emotions of a home.