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Tsuki Liang

The most important answer I’m always seeking for is what is life? What am I living for? My expressions towards life is the fundamental idea behind all my works. Whether is my despair wailing to the meaningless of life, or questioning the way of living. Life itself is the thing I obsessed the most.

I was strongly influenced by Nietzsche and a range of writers, such as Camus, Dostoyevsky…who explored nihilism and the absurdity of life. I have to look for an answer in order to be down to earth. I would rather be depressed by those unanswered questions than lie to myself and stay blind. Those struggles, conflict, paradox…always reflect in my works through colour or dramatic scenes.

For me, art is the language of my show. It allows me to escape from the limitation of words we used in daily life. I no longer need to relinquish the “unimportant part” of my chaotic mind. I can now unravel the real me, the complicated me, the incomprehensible me that I won’t be able to fully understand or describe with words. Both consciousness and unconsciousness within me are unity on my canvas. They speak for themselves with elements, colour and each brush strokes.

I think this is the core of my art. I want to express my view towards life, no matter is understandable or making nonsense. I want to be an observer of life and I am an entertainer of mine.

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Emotions that I feel are real, but I can’t describe them with words properly.

Thoughts that I understand are deep, but I’m unable to describe

them with words completely.

Things work in their own way, the same as me: my mind,

my impulse, my instinct……


I think I’m a bit tired.

I want to lie on the floor like I have dead already.

I want to blend into the light with the rest of everything.


Corner, corner.

You are ordinary just like me.

Corner, corner.

You are my  marvellous Muse.


不可言, 不可说。

Let me turn off the light.

And shh.


2021, Oil on canvas, 45.7*61cm each
For Sale: £2000


“What I’m thinking is: here I am, lying under a haystack…The tiny little place I occupy is so small in relation to the rest space where I am not and where it’s none of my business; and the amount of time which I’ll succeed in living is so insignificant by comparison with the eternity where I haven’t been and never will be…And yet in this atom, in this mathematical point, the blood circulates, the brain works and even desires something as well… What sheer ugliness! What sheer nonsense!”

Fathers and Son, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev






2020, 45.7cm*35.6cm, Oil on Canvas board
For Sale: £550


2020, 61cm*45.7cm, Oil on Canvas board
For Sale: £400

Existence 01

2020, 45.7cm*35.6cm, Oil on Canvas board
For Sale: £350

Existence 02

2020, 45.7cm*35.6cm, Oil on Canvas board
For Sale: £350


2020, 30cm*60cm each, Oil on Canvas
For Sale: £700


2020, 50cm*120cm each, Oil on Canvas
For Sale: £2300





道德经 第二章


Under Heaven all can see beauty as beauty only because there is ugliness. All can know good as good only because there is evil.

Therefore having and not having arise together; difficult and easy complement each other; long and short contrast with each other; high and low rest upon each other; voice and sound harmonise each other; front and back follow one another.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 2

The end of the day

2021, Oil on canvas, 50.8*76.2cm
For Sale: £500


2021, 120cm in diameter, Oil on Canvas
For Sale: £800

如烟(Like smoke)

2021, Graphite on paper, 30*40cm
For Sale: £350

不可言,不可说 (Ineffable)

2021, Oil, beads and sand on canvas, 91*122cm
For Sale: Price on Enquiry

极恶 I (Extreme Evil)

2021, Graphite on paper, 21*40cm/31*40cm/21*40cm (91*61cm framed)
For Sale: £700

极恶 II (Extreme Evil)

2021, Graphite on paper, 57*40cm (91*61cm framed)
For Sale: £700



The cause, the reason is just an imagination after an existing result.

“Why put the flower on the floor? Why is it a bunch of flowers instead of one? Why is the flower red? Why choose the Alstroemeria? Why choose the flower? Why……”

“Because I don’t have a vase. Because I bought a bunch instead of one. Because I love red. Because I don’t even know it’s called Alstroemeria. Because I put an apple last time. Because……”

That’s the answer, that’s the cause.


I have plenty of bottles. I can always only pick one. That’s not the only red one, not to mention I also like black and white. The name doesn’t matter because it’s just a symbol for human beings to understand. I can always put an orange this time……

That’s not the answer, that will never be the cause.

That’s not the answer, that will never be the cause.



2020, 50.8cm*76.2cm/ 70*100cm/ 50.8cm*76.2cm, Oil on Canvas
For Sale: £3000