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Xiaojia Ouyang (She/Her)

Xiaojia Ouyang received her bachelor’s degree from Guangzhou Academy of Fine arts in China in 2018 and currently, she is studying at MFA, Glasgow of Fine Arts. During Xiaojia Ouyang’s schooling in GAFA, she primarily focused on sculpture and her sculpture skills are proven with the way her plasticine figures are modeled in her claymation short film in GSA. She uses stop motion, a slow animation method where a series of stills gives the illusion of movement to create animated worlds, capturing the deepest darkness to reveal the dark side and the absurdity of society. Black humour is the key to her work because she rarely turns what she sees and hears directly into animation. Instead, she makes it with the power of mixed reality and imagination.

Hello there
We are different, aren’t we?

Hello there

We have been forced to separate and quarantine during the lockdown. Therefore, each of us has become hidden, invisible, and isolated, just like one raft after another on the ocean. But just like Thor Heyerdahl’s idea: the ocean is not a barrier, but a connector. We will eventually get through this period and be reunited again.


Hello there consists of a  sequence of images.  On one hand, it discusses issues on distance and different states of people during the lockdown. On the other hand, it explores a sense of balance between animation and sculptural work.

We are different, aren’t we?

We are different, aren’t we?  discovers and reveals the great differences between the East and the West exposed during this special time. However, that is not the most important thing this film wants to tell people. This film aims to allow the audience to think backward about what is “the same” during this epidemic after seeing so many differences.

We are different, aren't we?

(9:44 min)

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