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Xi Ling

Innovative fashion undergraduate at Glasgow School of Art, who has an interest in constructed garments and fashion brands in subversive language, creative mind and diverse researching ability, combined with confident industrial skills and high organisation. Xi dedicates representing contemporary lifestyle by transforming from traditional tailoring.

Prospective Fantasy

Prospective Fantasy

This collection represents Xi’s vision of and critique on people’s relationships during the pandemic – not just relationships between family members, but also between males and females, strangers and strangers.

Xi has placed her collection in the setting of funerals and weddings, which she believes constitute the biggest coming together of family members and the closest bond between males and females. Her years spent in a multicultural background are reflected in this collection’s derivation from both Western and Chinese cultures.

This pandemic has not only caused countless people to lose their lives; it has also deprived many women, more so than men, of their jobs, compelling them as it has to dedicate all their time to caring for their families. Xi’s garments are an embodiment of women’s carrying all the love and hopes of their families, while also striving for equitable treatment in a patriarchal society. Her collection can also be seen as a warning to ignorant people who do not respect nature and put the lives of others at risk.

Connection and Disconnection

Gender Equity

Chinese Mourning Culture

Chinese Mourning Culture

Western Mourning Culture

Western Mourning Culture

Wedding Costumes

Fabric/ Colour Board

Gent's 'Castration'

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Look 2

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