Work in Progress Show

I took part in designing the identity for the GSA’s Communication Design Work In Progress Show 2021. It is a collaborative project between Louise Julien, Rachel Kate MacLeod, Maria Pelosi, and myself. My main tasks were making the typeface and the website. We based the identity around the feelings of restlessness, energy, and movement, which are the common deno­minators of our class’ practices from home during lockdown.

The geometric, bespoke typeface and the neon green introduce the show in a digital form. I had the idea for the type­face after expe­rimenting with making letters out of matches. The animations are based on glyphs from the typeface and de­signed to suggest a progress, while showing a sneak peek of the work exhibited.

Visit the show here.

wip show logo


promo animation

WIP Show Promo Animation