Werehere, A Mental Health Organization

🤕 Normalising Mental Health Online 🤕

Werehere is a new organisation that advocates mental health and wishes to normalize the act of asking for help online. Their goal is to promote a new internet language, similar to “lol, wbu, tmr”, for the youths to further ease the act of talking about mental health and eventually remove such negative stigma about such issues. Language is a key part of human society, and with the advent of the internet, more shortforms and slangs make up the way we communicate online, but there isn’t any dedicated to mental health, which Werehere is trying to change.

They push out these “lingos” via a self-help kit that will be targeted towards the friends/ families/ allies of the youths to be given to them to show their support, known as the “Content Box”. This box will be filled with all sorts of items that will aid the youths to understand the ways to understanding and living with their mental health issues, as well as guide them to the Werehere website where they will be able to receive guidance and join groups of like-minded individuals in solidarity of tackling such issues 🙂