Weather The Storm

Weather The Storm was composed by Ree Soesbee for the Guild Wars 2 novel “Sea Of Sorrows”, It is set in the fictional world of Tyria, and the story is set against the backdrop of the awakening of the Elder Dragon of death Zhaitan, the raising of the lost continent of Orr from the sea bed & the enslaving by Zhaitan of its dead denizens, and the destruction of the port of Lion’s Arch. The story follows the life of Cobiah Marriner, a young sailor, as he experiences Zhaitan’s awakening firsthand, and his subsequent struggle to rebuild Lion’s Arch into a free port.
Ree wrote the sea shanty specially for the book; as the narrative progresses through Cobiah’s life, each new section of the story is accompanied by a new verse of the shanty.
The shanty tells the story of a crew of sailors caught in a terrible storm. During their struggle we hear of the dangers of the oceans of Tyria – the hardship of the life of a sailor, storms, and the ever present terror of the undead.

Composed, mixed and mastered in Cubase 10.5.