ways of being

This is the first issue of a contemporary, spiritual, arts and culture journal. Its aim is to deconstruct the concept that there is a superior way of being. I am conscious the world we occupy is becoming increasingly more populated with information. If not already, I fear we are at risk of being overloaded by data. I suspect the antidote is a reflective practice. This publication aims to encourage such reflection, through a blend of spirituality, art and culture. At the heart of this publication is a passion for connecting with truth. The journal comprises as three chapters. A series of conversations over zoom set the bedrock of the project. In conversation with Sri Lanka based photographer, Dominic Sansoni, Kundalini yoga teacher, Fiona Raymond and re-typesetting the seminal work of Annie Besant and C.W Leadbeater, “Thought-forms”. I trust we can influence thought through image-making and the sensitive handling of important words. I believe through intrinsic introspection and thus, action we can regain lost identities and thus celebrate culturally rich futures. This publication wants to encourage personal means of opinion and expression.