Virtually Immersed

The ‘final’ virtual environment explores virtual immersion from a different level by drawing upon the physical human attributes to create the setting. Creating a curious overlap of an imagined environment and something known. Including a sound file and a separate oil painting, both depicting the feeling of the setting.


Virtually Immersed (painting) depicts the feeling of mystery around what the viewer is seeing in the virtual environment. The environment itself shows a video of myself moving objects in and out of range of the camera, this is then altered in the code to distort the video. Creating a strange crossover between virtual physical immersion. This is feeling is captured and hinted at within the painting, Virtually Immersed.

The Virtually Immersed code was one of the most challenging to fully understand. It pulls on video distortion and real time movement to create the finished outcome. This meant the monochromic mesh that changes from different angles, took time to fully achieve (e.g. going through 9 different video edits to reach the correct blue scale, reference padlet here to further understand).

Click here to see Foundational Code.

‘Virtually Immersed’ , Virtual Environment Still 1

‘Virtually Immersed’ , Virtual Environment Still 2

‘Virtually Immersed’ , Virtual Environment Still 3

‘Virtually Immersed’ , Virtual Environment Still 4

‘Virtually Immersed’

28 x 15inch, oil on canvas. 2021.