Vessels and Ornaments

These pieces explore the contrast between architectural shapes and organic textures through a combination of simple geometric forms and detailed natural areas.

Seaside Tumbler 1

75x75x60mm Copper (0.7mm sheet) Raising, chasing, repousse

Seaweed Vase 1

70x70x120mm Copper (0.7mm sheet) Press forming, chasing, repousse, soldering, oxidisation

Rockpool Ornament 1

90x90x40mm Copper Spinning, score-and-fold, chasing, repousse, soldering, oxidisation

Vase 2

Vase, Silver, Gold plated. oxidised. Digital Render

Oxide vase

Round Vase, Silver, gold plated, keumboo, oxidised. Digital Render

2 tumblers

Sister tumblers, Silver, Gold plated. Digital Render

Tumbler 3

Tumbler, Silver, gold plated. Digital Render

Vessel 2

Decorative vessel, silver, gold plated. Digital Render