Urban Housing

My thesis is a response to the mental health issue in the West of Scotland and aims to create a co-housing, co-working development within the Barras that accommodates for both the mental health sufferer and the carers themselves. There is a growing number of mental health illnesses across the UK however research indicates that this doesn’t necessarily mean there are more people developing mental health illnesses but rather there are more people accessing help and facilities as a result of the reducing stigma surrounding mental health.

I think this is an interesting crossover between domesticity and labour with the carers working and living on the same site creating a live-adjacent type of set up and then the patients trying to gain independence in domesticity and reintegrate into labour in one way or another whether it’s voluntary work education etc.


A series of supported accommodation to facilitate care across a spectrum of severity in mental health illnesses, from co-living units to ‘care home’ style living and creating environments for education, socialisation and development skills.


Creating a live-adjacent scheme for carers. A series of accommodation and environments that equip mental health sufferers with the tools they need to reintegrate into society.