Urban Building: Scottish Film Institute

This project seeks to provide the Calton area of Glasgow with a productive and cultural facility. The project is a response to the current economic climate in the area, with deprivation and unemployment levels high. The Scottish government has several tax and funding incentives to promote film production in Scotland. In this way, the building seeks to give back to the community through employment opportunities whilst also boosting the local and national economy. The cinema is a much loved past time that has been lost in recent years due to the rising popularity of online streaming. It’s affordability provided an escape from reality for everyone and an accessible place to come and enjoy a piece of art, or dive into a world of fictional possibilities. The building aims to celebrate the nations love of going to the cinema whilst also promoting the art of film making. The delicate, translucent facade allows a glimpse into the inner workings of film production for passers-by and in this way, showcases the art of film-making with the same importance and pride as the film itself.