Neglected Spaces in Preservation

Preservation is undoubtly something that Singapore takes into high consideration. As under the National Heritage Board there is a national authority that oversees preservation of sites and monuments. However, according to them only those sites or spaces that are ‘historic, cultural, traditional, archaeological, architectural, artistic or symbolic significance and of national importance’ are worth preserving. So I questioned, what happens to those not considered worthy of preservation? To those spaces neglected in preservation? Hence, the importance for the first part of this project is to discover a way to show importance and beauty to those even neglected in preservation. To bring a certain fondness for these space to the people. Through an ‘Investigative Documentation’ that is uprooted from my few readings that showcases wonder, exploration and a new sense of appreciation for such spaces, I have gathered these readings and information and used them as a method for unearthing hidden stories. I have tasked myself to design a performance installation of a retelling of these stories through a spatial experience as the first part of the project. This is to prove that even those neglected in preservation – the ugly and the beautiful, are worthy of attention, admiration and fondess from the people and therefore, worthy of the act of preservation as well.

Archaeology of a Carpark

The Intimate Tunnel


The Cathedral Dining

The Cathedral Dining

Process Models


Unearthened Stories from the Carpark