Traces // Chain Collection

I spent this year grieving the loss of two people that were dear to me. While in lockdown, I began observing inherited belongings in a new way, experiencing their potential to evoke nostalgic associations. I found solace in the material past, appreciating tarnished heirlooms and worn surfaces as tokens of my loved ones lived experiences, touchstones of their memory. I have been working on translating this into metal using various techniques, such as embossed traces and patina, to encourage tactile and emotional engagement from the viewer. Grief and bereavement are feelings that far too many have become familiar with over the pandemic. My collection responds to these feelings, allowing me to acknowledge, unpack and tangibly make sense of them. Below is a series of narrative chains to be exhibited together. Initial chain – becomes cyanotype print – transient shadows of the original links inform the next neckpiece. A conversation continues between metalwork and cyanotype, allowing consecutive works to carry subtle traces of their forebearers. This series is a comment on intergenerational relationships and their tangible impact on our lives.


printing with sunlight in the garden (cyanotype) // tangible memory // A series of cyanotype prints support my current collection. I discovered this process while researching early methods of documenting artefact. This form of analogue document aligns with my interest in materiality due to its tactile nature. Each print requires the physical object to be placed on top of light-sensitive ink and exposed to sunlight (UV). Over time traces of the object are etched onto the surface. A negative or ‘memory’ of where it once lay is left behind. Unlike a photograph, these shapes are not exact; abstacted shadows inspire new forms, inform new ideas. Throughout my collection, a conversation takes place between piece and print. A back and forth inspires new samples.
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exhibition proposal // collection : traces // series of chains to be displayed with corresponding A1 prints.

Venue proposed in image - my grandfather's workshop, a generational relic, full of material traces and charged with nostalgic association.

impressions chain

oxidised copper, cyanotype print

Chain Samples