The view from a window

I worked with Project Ability artists who have lived experience of mental ill-health in 2020/2021. My project explored ideas around a view from a window.

In painting, the window is a sort of metaphor used by artists in various ways: a motif with representative associations of illumination or expectation, a bridge between the inner and outer world. During the current national lockdown, the window can be considered as a symbol connecting to the outside world and a point of view. People have been using their windows to display rainbow drawings to support NHS or yellow love hearts for those who have lost loved ones. The window allows us to engage with the world from the comforts of our homes while protecting us from the COVID elements. Exploring and sharing everyday life through our windows might be a new way of connecting to one another during this period.

Here is a publication I made as to the final outcome of the window project.


Ebook: The View From A Window

Zoom workshop

In the session, I asked the artists to draw a picture of a view gazing out of the window in my home in Japan.

A drawing

Tracing paper, a pen, a photograph of Buchanan Street