The Micro Community

De-marginalised Dwelling: Part 3

The aim of the project is to redesign the units by introducing co-housing and micro-living concept to encourage frequent interactions within the community and utilise the given space. The intention was also based on the previous site observations that were done in part 1. One of the issues was the overcrowding in living homes/units which was seemed normal in the neighbourhood. The problem of overcrowding is divided into 2 parts: Big family living in small apartment and lack of storage spaces. (Will be further explained in the site analysis section)
Therefore, the purpose of part 3 is to enhance the life of the community in Jalan Kukoh by improving their dwelling condition with the new design that will be introduced.

The intention of part 3 was to introduce a better home layout that can accommodate the residents who had different situations. The start-off point of part 3 was the overcrowding issue that was discovered during the site analysis in part 1. With further research on their situations, to realised that some of the main problems were the lack of storage, plain layout and cramped living quarters. Thus, continuing the planning with these problems in mind. The fact that the community are only mixing around when they are at the ground level was also a problem that was found out later. Hence, the plan of mixing neighbours was to encourage them to interact even when they are at home.


Live alone elderly layout

Live Alone Elderly (Living/Bedroom Design 1)

Live Alone Elderly (Living/Bedroom Design 2)

Live Alone Elderly (Dining/Entry)

Live Alone Elderly (Kitchen/Dining)

Shared unit layout

Shared unit (Living/Dining)

Shared unit (Bedroom)

Shared unit (Kitchen)

Shared unit (Laundrt)

Shared unit (Bathroom)

Families unit layout

Families unit (Kitchen/Dining)

Families unit (Study/Wardrobe)

Families unit (Bedroom)

Families unit (Kitchen/Living)