The Balloch Music School: Architectural Technology

As Architects and Designers, we have a responsibility to ensure our practice and expertise have a positive impact on the environment. By aiming to achieve sustainability goals such as the Passive-House Standard, we can begin to pave the way for a sustainable future. The Balloch Music School aims to achieve these goals in a number of ways. The location and positioning harnesses optimal thermal energy to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. The materials chosen for construction all adhere to strict sustainability standards in their manufacturing, and when put together allow for the creation of a design with a minimal carbon footprint. A continuous insulation barrier ensures maximum heat retention, while a strict level of air tightness ensures minimal heat loss and external draughts. CLT panel construction allows for a quick and easy construction without fuel consuming machinery, while locally sourced materials reduces the amount of energy consumption from importing materials from afar.

Materiality Diagram

Structural + Material Models