Sunday Home

Destination; Reimagining Architecture of Dwelling

Sunday Home is an interior architecture design project which uses the understanding of design methodologies of Indian Architecture and its architects such as Studio Mumbai, Raj Rewal and Spasm Design Architects. This project is a continuation of part 2 as in the design process, I realised that the exterior is largely influences by its interior. The design concept is influenced by three elements that I have extracted from the studies of Indian Architecture; the relationship between the interior and exterior, the light and the air. The project also questions the framework of the studies of traditional science of dwelling. Lastly, the design questions on the possibilities of the existing programming to serve as a form “Home” for the foreign workers from India as a place for communal activities such as dining and resting in the place

Proposed Design

Design Concepts

Capturing of the important elements of Indian Architecture from the lens of Studio Mumbai's project

Brick Studies

Locality- It has an importance of understanding of site so the exploration lavish on the history of the site being a brick kiln


With the understanding the elements, I beginning with the site model to further explored on the concept

Final Concept

Using the form and the perforation of architecture to anchor the final design

Concept Sketches

The design uses the core of the space to bring in light and air into the architecture

Layout Plan

The Architecture

Remerging Indian Architecture in Local Context

Mini Mart

The mini mart places an exterior mart at the core of the architecture


Tailor Shop

Using the laundry drying concept at the core of the tailor shop

The Balcony

A space for the tenants to rest together at the second level

The Terraces

A space for the tenants and visitor to relax together