Stepping Squares

Interactive virtual environment exploring virtual immersion in imagined set- tings. Including a oil painting and sound file that depicts the feeling of gained by the environment.


The Stepping Squares painted version works off the back of the virtual environment by illustrating the key elements of the setting. It also stands as the first painting that doesn’t rely on a figure to give the narrative arc, but rather invites the viewer to become the figure in the setting.

The Stepping Squares virtual setting was solely created through code, specifically through Node.js, HTML and Javascript libraries. The Stepping Squares code also stands as the first more resolved coded environment as it fully creates a setting that was hinted at during the beginning stages of this years work.

Click here to see Foundational Code.


‘Stepping Squares’ , Virtual Environment Still 1

‘Stepping Squares’ , Virtual Environment Still 2

‘Stepping Squares’ , Virtual Environment Still 3

‘Stepping Squares’ , Virtual Environment Still 4

‘Stepping Squares’

32 x 32inch, oil on canvas. 2021.