Spellpapers is a collection of  papers made using ground psyllium fibre, and extracts from a selection of plants that have believed healing or magical properties. Papermaking is a meditative process for me that includes looking for the plants I wish to include, collecting and interacting with said plants and researching their potentially healing attributes. Normally in papermaking, a wooden or plastic frame is used to create a crisp and symmetric square, however I intentionally do not use a frame. Instead I let the paper-pulp “free- float”, allowing my papers to assume their shape in an organic way depending on the texture of the pulp. These papers can be displayed as artwork, seen as active spells, or used as surface for art.



Psyllium is part of the Plantago family, commonly used in spells related to strength, healing and protection. Psyllium is used in all of my papers as a binder. It is 85% fibre and has believed properties to enhance the effect of any plant or spell it is combined with.

Oregano & Thyme

Oregano has powers of luck, health, tranquility and happiness. Thyme stands for courage, strength and beauty.


Rose stands for sweetness and charm. In witchcraft the rose is often seen as a symbol for the Goddess.

Honey and Ginger

Ginger stands for passion and power. In norse magic it is used to spice up relationships. Honey is used in hoodoo and some folklore to sweeten how someone perceives you.

Rose leaf and thorns

A protective charm to remind us that we do not always have to be sweet.


A staple on many altars, sage is seen as cleansing and protecting a space. Burning sage is part of many folk rituals.


Vitality, wisdom and purification. In norse magic rosemary is added to bridal bouquets for faithfulness and to calm any fights.


Sometimes used in curses and black magic, blood and period blood can be seen as taboo substances. However, blood is a powerful symbolic ingredient also in healing and empowering spellwork according to many witchcraft practices.

Amaryllis Minerva

The red "Christmas Flower" is thought to have powers of love, lust, and passion.


Salt is seen as a sacred mineral with cleansing properties. It is in many cultures linked to prosperity and wealth.


Burning a paper and adding water to make paper pulp to create new paper: The alchemical result of fire and earth, water and air. This can symbolise transformation.


Documentation of how spellpapers move at night.