Sounds of Life

Have you ever found a song that truly resonated with you? Maybe you’re going through a sad period and this ballad makes you cry. Or you’re feeling angry with the state of the world and this song encapsulates that. Music is a reflection of emotions of experiences, and perhaps if we are more open to listening to other music genres, we might just find the right song for us. This book is a collection of songs that reflect the episodes in a young adult’s life. It introduces songs of various genres through different categories of life experiences. The aim of this book is to get people to keep their mind open to music genres, and who knows? You may find the right song in unexpected places.


The book is designed and printed to be like a vinyl record album, with 2 records inside for Side A & B.


The book is segregated into chapters of our lives– Identity, Purpose of Living, Love and Pain


The introduction of songs and the reflections behind the artist. The lyrics are written organically to give a human touch. There is also a spotify code that leads straight to the song.


This certain illustration is birthed from "The Reason I Wanted to Die" by Nakashima Mika. Human death, though tragic, is still a blessing to nature.

Sound of Silence

This is an interpretation of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel

Track List