Social Interactions in the Livestream Age

📺 Inter(net)-Connections 📺

Home is where the heart is, or so they say. Home is comfort, or so they think. Being confined at home, a small 2-room apartment, with 5 other members, for prolonged periods of time; that is not comforting. That is suffocating. That is not being able to do what you want to do. Home is then akin to a prison cell – no views of the outside world, humid and sweaty, lack of food and entertainment.. except for the smartphone. An entire online world full of strangers also (probably) rejecting the chaos of the real world. A warm community of people, playing games or chatting live, entertaining the audience. You learn about them. Their mannerisms. What makes them tick, or what makes them laugh. You learn to tell their sarcasm from their spite. Their jokes and their mishaps. And they make you feel glad to be alongside them.

Livestream media is slowly but surely becoming more prominent. Its a safe space, where people can be themselves (or perceived to be).

Check out my twitch, I used the same elements from this personal infographics poster to create my stream overlays! 🙂