Over 80% of the Singapore population stays in HDB hence hopefully this project can introduce a new configuration of interior space within HDB flats to better fit the needs of the current during the pandemic.


Having lived there for a long period of time, I have experienced physically and emotionally how it feels to be in a HDB flat. I am also very familiar with my neighbors and I am able to understand how they felt during the lock-down period besides my own family.


In Commonwealth Close, the older HDB flats have also a smaller typology. During the lock-down, being isolated in a smaller space compared to a larger space is more detrimental to a person’s wellbeing hence I feel there is a need to reconfigure the original space to make it more breathable for the occupants.


My HDB estate was built around 1960 to 1966 when Singapore was gaining independence while solving the problem of the shortage of houses, a problem brought forward during the British Colonial rule. As it was a rush and an immediate action, the HDB flats being built only focus on fulfilling the basic needs of the people required in the house. Therefore, I feel that there was a lack of consideration towards the wellbeing of the people living within the space, and the lock-down when people are isolated within their homes for long periods of time has caused them much discomfort.

Proposed site is image above that is circled in red.
Interior of my house
Exterior of my site