Sintel is an open-source movie created by the Blender Institute to promote the Blender 3D modelling and animation package.

Since Sintel is a story set in a different time, I decided to use a predominantly earthy sound palette for the score consisting mainly of orchestral and acoustic instrument sound libraries.

The music was composed as individual cues and was not composed in chronological order. The opening scene’s music was written first, but then I jumped to the cave scene. This gave me a better chance to develop a feel for the tone I wanted to set by composing 2 contrasting scenes.

This score was the first chance I have had to really play with the concept of the leitmotif, which is basically a repeated musical phrase associated with a particular character, situation, or concept.
Early in the planning stages of the score I developed leitmotifs for both Sintel and Scales, using them in different keys and with subtle changes in multiple points to allow the viewer to identify (even subconsciously) with the characters.

This work was a collaboration between myself (music) and fellow student Mark Lees (sound design). In total the score for Sintel is comprised of 10 separate cues, with a total running time of nearly 14 minutes of original music.

Score composed in Cubase 10.5. Sound design and score mixed and mastered in Pro Tools.