Singapore Efficiency & Pragmatism

Singapore students are taught to be forward-thinking, problem solver and overachievers. It can be seen in how we were shown the former prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, on how his guidance over Singapore has led to it being as successful as it is today. This has led us, Singaporean students to strive for economical development as we were brought up in a country in which money holds value to us more than anything else.

With this, we can see that Singaporeans want to achieve money in an efficient manner and also have their own time to themselves. Time is money in Singapore, we tend to keep ourselves doing something that is to give ourselves “me-time” everywhere we go.

The idea of how we were educated has influenced design in Singapore. Singapore design tends to be very pragmatic and problem-solving. Even when in Singapore they are trying to show that the design mainly in architecture/interior space can be creative. But are still limited to certain creativity.

For myself as an aspiring designer, creativity is what I feel is free-form design. Space is a blank canvas and I create my design through being people-oriented of the space and allow the form to flow through the people.

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Singaporean In MRT