▶ Second Skin.Lockdown

Photography and Illustration

Trapped in a space for months, co-communal, we realised we have a second skin – our personal space.

In this book, I document my personal space in my house and the thought progress.

Within all of us, lies a personal space.
This space is not exactly a space –
state of mind.
second skin.
safe zone.

We don’t exactly own the space.
Yet, we don’t exactly exit this space.
It’s like returning back to a fetus.
Our lockdown trapped us back into a tight space.

But what happens if there is negative liberty close to home?

1st February 2021, a coup happened in Myanmar.

My brother evacuated from his home. Bombs filled the once personal spaces. We yearn for a safe zone which there is none.

Click on this sentence to check out the graphic novel I made, about negative liberty in Myanmar.


The first 30 pages.

Flip snacc limited it to 30 pages, click on the link to see on the pdf.