Scars and Scabs

The mark of time and evidence of violence can be seen through scars. You may expect spaces that are old and to be preserved that are filled with them, as they are the marks of pride, and of honour, both for what has been lost and what has been gained. The acceptance of the scar is an acceptance of existence’. The first layer of healing, Scab, is not pretty in the aesthetic standards, but beautiful in the existential
sense. The celebration of these scars and realisation of the beautiful healing process,scabs, are just one of the right way of treating our spaces right. The transformation of the space becomes coherent with everything else, its history, reason for existing and authenticity. This is through discovering and learning the right way of treatment, programme and injection of new materials in the space. Scars and Scabs are the acceptance of the imperfection, pride over the marks and the welcome transformation of the space that happens naturally. The outcome may not be perfect and polished, but it is made sure to be true, real and an authentic space. It would make the ‘perfect society’ uncomfortable and the ones who rebels against the norm rejoice

Sectional Perspective

Process Model

Past and Present Overlay

The Injection