An identity project for a small seaside town of Saltcoats situated on the west coast of North Ayrshire.

The tiny town was a huge spot of attraction in the last century – famous of its outdoor swimming pool, Saltcoats served as a popular holiday destination for many. However, times have changed and the tourism industry has moved out from the town.

While taking a site visit, I came across a ‘Talking Wall’ – a monument for people’s recollections of their time spent in Saltcoats. I was touched by how particular places can bring sentimental values and be very personal, therefore I aimed to create the identity which would reflect that personalisation and intimacy. I have developed a playful modular system which is unified but also varying throughout the objects to which it is applied.

Idea for a participatory installation - mural: to bring the local communities in the design process and give an opportunity to leave a mark in Saltcoats, a set of elements would be given to participants who could then arrange their individual pattern blocks. The designed blocks would be spray-painted using stencils.