Recycling Community

De-marginalised Dwelling: Part 2

The aim of the project is to provide a different socialising and public space experiences for the residents and to make their resting space more interesting by introducing a multi-purpose installation that varies at each different locations. It also allows the community to play or use it with different purpose in the public space. The intention was based on the previous site observations that were done in part 1. One of the issues was the lacked of public activties for the residents and they have no where to go for daily leisure, resulting them to loiter around and find their own resting spots.

The intention of part 2 was to introduce a fun and fresh socializing space to the community. The project started by realising that the community lack communal activity that should be common in a normal neighbourhood. The number of residents especially the elderly seen loitering around the ground level was high. Most of the elderly are retired, hence, they are at a time where they needed communal activities that can entertain them. Therefore, with the new multi-purpose installation, it will be also a public communal activity for them. Instead of giving them a fixed installation to hang out at, it will be more entertaining to build your own space with your friends.

Community space

Private space

Modular sketches

Ways of stacking

Type of spaces