Re-engaging of Senses pt. 01: Home

Part 01 Intent:

With darkness as a form of material, I would like to explore the sense of familiarity in the notion of a familiar setting in our HDB estate but with our sight being the less important sense in the space, to create a possible outcome of what it feels like to be in a familiar place by relying on our other senses. Using my usual route to and fro of home, how can I bring back the sense of familiarity lost in the realm of darkness and allow people to maneuver in the dark at ease?



The chosen site is at Blk 845, Woodlands. I stay at this block and because I am exploring the sense of familiarity in the ‘Known’ spaces, I’ve narrowed down the targeted areas to the five spaces – Void deck walkway, lift lobbies, lift and corridor, as those are the spaces I would journey through from home to school and school to home everyday.


Lift Lobby - Lift - 5th Storey's Lift Lobby - Corridor towards my house - A closer view of my house


This experiment is really interesting and intriguing as I did not have to care about being judged as I am being blindfolded and I feel more aware of different surfaces and spaces.


I tried to reduce the luminosity of the images to try to depict the different luminosity of light in the space and with that, how can my memory aid me to remember things in the spaces. The things I could remember are the ones that are closest to me and slowly fades away as it gets further. This method allowed me to design what I feel comfortable in the space and what I would want to walk through as my sense of sight is reduced.


How I touch and feel the space when I am being blindfolded
Design Outcome

Design Outcome

Block and Guide: This is a space where the journey back home starts. Tall panels are created to block off the noises that are usually coming from the right side. This way, it would create a more specific way to the lift. The panels are based on how I move through the space in the blindfolded experiment. As my hand move brush against the panels, it would turn the panel subsequently and each panel will lead me to the lift.

Home 2.0

I wanted to create a sense of home in the lift as it is where I and people usually take to transit from places to places. Home is where we feel most familiar with and just by creating a space for rest, and allow us to wind down in the lift.

Whose laundry?

Transiting through the lift and arriving at the 5th floor, where I encounter countless of clothes hanging by the corridor. With that sense of familiarity, a path of different textured fabrics to guide me through the lift lobby.

A walk with the leaves

Upon reaching the long corridor, a designed pathway of planes with texture that feels like dried leaves where it brings back a sense of familiarity as I usually hear vivid leaves rustling downstairs. Also upon reaching my house, I would feel plants along the corridor.