This project explores the curse of progress that plagues creatives because of the need to constantly be better than their previous selves all the time.

Using Alexander McQueen’s story to learn how this curse of progress has affected him, would help in understanding how we could negate this in the future.

Despite his breakthrough with his show Highland Rape, it only propelled him into high brow society, starkly different from where he started.

Learning from Alexander McQueen, his life was extremely competitive and he always had to progress. This curse of progress could have ultimately led to his demise. The constant progress would put so much pressure on him that he wasn’t able to get out of it.

Being able to reborn as something new and always reinvent past works is not easy, but if McQueen learnt that he could not hold on to his image, things could’ve been a lot more different.

An example would be learning from U2 and how they re-invented themselves through their album Achtung Baby from The Joshua Tree.

My choice for using plants and scanning were stemmed from how plants on the paper were things once alive, being manipulated for the image.

Our reduction of things to its flattened form would lead us to think about the essence of the original life of the plant.

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