quiet autumn

As the pandemic hit throughout the world, lockdown was inevitable. We were tasked to note down what we usually overlook in our daily lives. These little things we take for granted everyday, we get a chance to yet again be grateful for them.

The subject I chose was my mum, who I get to explore and understand more as she worked from home. The chance I got to understand more about her life and how she got through problems led me to appreciate her even more.

My discovery of her using two different names, an English name during work and her original Chinese name when it comes to personal matters led me to write a story about the two personalities she juggled.

My findings of her allowed me to compare her two personas. One having to be bounded to destiny and family matters, while the other is free and able to do anything she wants or likes.

The duality in this would be concluded that she continued fulfilling her duties as a mother because of us. If not she would be somewhere else, doing big things.

Through the lockdown, being able to celebrate this about my mum allowed me to properly feel grateful of the things she did for us as a family.