Questioning the Illusion in Preservation

There is an illusion of preservation in Singapore where we preserve only on a superficial level. This dilutes the authenticity and identity of the space which would eventually lead to its demise. The dangers in preservation are the possibilities of losing the soul of the space, a contradiction to the true meaning of preserving. Hence, by unearthing the authenticity and stories it holds through an investigative documentation, we can be more sensitive to the nuances of the space. The ability to discover more than what meets the eye is key to preserve beyond physicality and superficiality. The act of preservation starts when we start to ‘add’ something. The ‘injection’ in the space does not need to be an exact fit, but one that can provoke questions in the current way we live. The patterns and choice of invention may be unpredictable but its ‘preservation’ must stay true to its origin. As preserving the unvarnished truth and its history will lead us in the experimental evolution of the space.

The Pasir Panjang Power Station



Growing Thekla

Sleeping Situation

Process Model