Pursuit of Follyness


Rhythms of People's Park Centre

Hawker Centre?

Is there any other forms of circulation or arrangement that can create a more meaningful spatial experience that reflects better the energy of the food centre?


Alternative Permutations

Materiality of the Hawker Centre

Reconfiguring Site Materials

Isometric View of Repurposed Hawker

A Vibrant Courtyard

A spatial configuration that encloses the courtyard but not entirely visually where the slight rotations in layout allow different apertures to open up into the courtyard. Arousing curiosity as well as creating a more protective atmosphere for events to take place in it

A Vibrant Food Centre

The mosaic configuration has certain perforations that allows the energy of the hawkers stalls to bleed out and be felt. The mosaic also reflects the light to create a certain kind of light spectacle.