Project Summary

Western rituals have been colonised by consumer culture, and the decolonisation could be an essential step toward the needed attitude change for a sustainability shift. But instead of affecting the conscience, again and again, the project gives a practical example of how a sustainability shift without overused sustainability commonplaces could mean the next level in increasing the overall happiness, satisfaction and mental health by drawing the attention of people on their psychological needs and emotional aspects of their rites.  Because in consumerism, people’s primary strategy for meeting psychological needs is still consumption. But satisfying these needs with the same strategy we satisfied the basic needs in the first world is ineffective. So, a more sustainable approach on rituals would mean development in the general human well-being.

Therefore, the Museum of Ritual Life has a strong psychological approach to rituals rather than an anthropological one. It intends to guide people on the journey where they can build awareness of their emotional needs.