When comparing believed magical properties of selected plants and their nutritional facts, I found these to frequently overlap. Some examples include basil which in Trolldom is believed to lift the spirits of uninspired situations, and which does have some anti-depressant nutritional qualities, or lemon which in witchcraft is believed to be cleansing and purifying and has scientifically proven antiviral qualities. In Pocketwitch I combine nutrition, recipes, magical properties of plants and spellwork in a booklet for kitchen-witches, illustrated with botanical drypoint etchings. This project celebrates forgotten knowledge of natural remedies based on wisdom that has been collected and shared through generations.




For Sale: Price on request
All current copies of book: 1x bible paper 4x recycled paper 1x recycled paper with pockets for seeds 1x white printing paper
For Sale: Price on request
Detail from book. The book includes some embossed symbols.
Bible paper copy. Dandelion.
Bible paper copy. Wormwood.
Recycled paper copies. All books are glued using perfect binding.
Recycled paper copy of book with pockets for seeds.