Pier Performance Hall | Energy

The performance hall building focuses more on the energy aspect of the design; the depression of land into the earth contrasts against the raised gentle platform. The sustainability impact of thermal mass allows for greater cooling and heat storage. Key spaces of the hall and foyer are denoted by the separation of an inhabitable wall serving as service and rehearsal rooms. It is these in-between spaces that create an acoustic sound buffer zone against the music and noise.

This project was a collaboration project with the University of the West of Scotland, Civil Engineering Department and Glasgow Caledonian University School of the Built & Natural Environment, completed through a five week design challenge working with a variety of students from different institutions.

Perspective Cross Section

'in-habited internal wall rehearsal spaces'

Massing Model Development

'subtraction & extrusion'

Detail Section & Facade Study

'depressed internal floor & raised external ground'

Structural Model

Glulam & CLT Timber | Post & Beam System

Environmental Analysis

'simulation effects of wind pressure'

Environmental Analysis

Radiation Study | Summer Solstice 21/06