NOMO FOMO provokes FOMO culture with sarcasm in the hope to make Generation Z ponder the meaning of living and the meaning of social media in their lives. FOMO generation Z has a high level of loneliness where they substitute social media for a true friendship. They are constantly bombarded with self-comparisons with others some might have a narrow view of life success leading to destructive perfectionism. To live is about finding simple happiness in living, it is human to worry about uncertainties in life and it is human to live in an endless cycle of seeking wealth, power, and possession.

Nihilism is an optimistic attitude towards living, it encourages us to find our own meaning in life as meaning is assigned by man and meaning itself is nothing.

Encourage Generation Z to embrace FOMO with contentment.


Mirror mirror on the wall Who’s the influencer among us all? Some are fake while some are blonde So, tell me who is wrong? Followers and Likes are the power to them all. So, mirror mirror on the wall Who’s “toxic” among them all?


God is invincible to us I challenge him and make a fuss. He has turned a blind eye on us. I fight for power among us but nature love is in my guts. Thus, dominance is superfluous. The Man-made god is made of bluffs Who might look mighty but unjust. Now the god is dead like the dust.

Love is gone

Roses are red, Violets are blue candy is sweet and so are you. But the roses are withering, and the violets are dried; the candy jar are emptied just like your mind.


Celebration or Grief, The news announced, Trump contacted the virus And the crowd went wild. Twisting the facts, to brainwash the public He finally admitted it. No more fake virus, he validated it. Utterly undeniable, As the world applauded. Delightful as it seems, But absurd it is. Now the question is, is our future secured? Are we to laugh? Shall we be worried? My heart aches a little, For this innocent man, but was it his fault, that he did not prepare? For this pandemic, all he did was blame, but thousands of death, is to be charged on him. His life is at stake, and should we commemorate? A page in history, for the descendants to take.