Neue Normal

‘Neue Normal’ is an introspective project that focuses on the reflections of inner peace that arose from Singapore’s Circuit Breaker event of 2020. It features 2 parts — a typeface design attempt and a series of zines.

What is “new” in our new normal? What is normal in the new? At the time that this project was in progress, these were commonly echoed words in our attempts to try and make sense of the strange times we live in. But what exactly is the “new normal”? The project seeks to reflect on the transition and transformation of our world by looking inwards. Through an acceptance of chaos & an embrace of abnormality, the project seeks to discover explore inner peace that arose during the otherwise pandemonium of our pandemic.

Neue Normal typeface poster

'Normal Neue' Type Poster

Typefaces are a subtle, overlooked things that define our every day, our normal and standards. Normal Neue is one that seeks to embrace the abnormality of a pandemic period but undoing the standardisation of text and familiarity of alphabet.

Neue Normal Vol 1

Neue Normal Vol 2