Mínyma is a future experience based on a collective intelligence database, permitting the creation of a new emotional language with senses, adapted to cancerology service. It is a new non-spoken language. Mínyma is an experience of emotional sharing through poems, touch and smell.

Mínyma is composed of two sensory kits and the database connected to them. Through my user journey map I wanted to represent in addition all the other impact that Mínyma has on society, the contribution of knowledge in the medical field on the emotional data of patients at the end of life, or the impact on society thanks to the creation of a new dialogue between my characters which directly echoes in other relationships around them.

Furthermore, I have chosen to represent my database as a plant with roots, connecting all my different artefact together. I took inspiration from the « fungus network », plants talk to each other using the Internet of fungus. They are sharing nutrients and information. Albert Bernard Frank coined the word « mycorrhiza » to describe these partnerships, in which the fungus colonises the roots of the plant.

My story is based on a distant family relationship between Alice, my main character, and her granddaughter Camille. During all the development of my project, I really wanted to develop distance communication by moving away from screens.


Mínyma Service video

Mínyma kits - receiver- messenger-

Exploring, engaging and testing

Community impacts

The service is creating a new vision of the patient, not only as medical data but also as emotional data. That permits exploring the emotional environment of people close to death. Over time it will improve and allow a fluent interaction with people in the terminal phase through touch, which is one of the last senses you keep before passing away.