1 Manifesto: dream home

The beginning speculates how an unsonscious reality can manifest into a dream-like physical realm. Taking the personal journey of my home, I obeserve the symbolic relationship between myself, the surrounding objects at the current home environment.  This unconscious notions are then amplified and manifested into a new form through a series of process and explorations.


the symbolism of objects, to self

Objects inhabiting the home, a mapping of what meets the eye from the journey of the entrance to the personal bedroom. Unlearn; what do these objects make me feel?

the unconscious imagined

Every part of the journey (gate - foyer - family room - corridor - personal bedroom) narrated into a surrealistic dream. The point of this step is to stretch the imagination, and ultimately form a unique spatial experience.

the manifesto

A dream-like space (gate - foyer - family room - corridor - personal bedroom). 'Undimension' and 'indefinite' like a dream. Paper forms a cloud-like organic look.
Journey from start to end, the 'world' become more open and clouded as the journey progresses. Here (gate - foyer) shelters and welcomes; an intimate experience.
This space (family room) opens and surrounds. As it is a family room, it is where love, comfort and shared dreams lie. The open circle symbolizes togetherness.
Transitioal space (corridor - personal bedroom). Sense of time and self. A bridge that leads to the personal safe haven.
Where dreams are infinite (personal bedroom). The world is bigger and 'dreamier'.