Lost Soles

Indecision. Social anxieties, fear of failure and a general lack of faith in ones own opinion seem to be more prevalent than ever… at least for me that is. Daily decisions need to be made constantly, but sometimes your mind values certain decisions over others, not always rationally. Lost Soles is a graphic novel exploring one of those needlessly overvalued decisions – buying a new pair of shoes. But is it needless? Shoes are personal items, something you wear all day, something you can tell a lot about a person by. Practical or fashionable? Colourful or minimal? These are deliberate choices, but why do we make them? How do we make them? And will they actually have a lasting impact on our lives? What if you could view every option before making that decision, see what every future may look like depending on the shoe you go with… would that help or hinder you? In the comic a will-o-the-wisp, a small flaming spirit guide, shows you through the options as it covers themes of value and self-worth. Sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear, there isn’t always a reason for the decisions we go with, but that butterfly effect may always be the same – so is that a problem?


Due to unforeseen circumstances in my personal life, this project is still a work in progress. I intend to have the graphic novel finished by August of this year. Directly following this excerpt are the individual short stories depending on the different shoe choices.

Lost Soles Excerpt

Pages 10 - 31