Living Language

Living Language is a speculative design project whose scope is to afford better communication between medical professionals and those affected by cancer in treatment pathways, clinical research settings and personal life.

It is a democratic platform aimed for the year 2030 where users can create and vote on visual symbols that describe cancer symptoms. Voting is done in an electoral system as each global region holds a percentage of influence based on users and population, preserving a universal perspective.

Selected symbols are catered towards wide audiences, regardless of knowledge level or spoken language. Living Language creates an intuitive method to describe the condition, available to most. Being an international dialect, it can be used across all fields of medical practice- capturing data in its purest state, without the need for translation. Developed with the help of medical industry experts, the project represents a vignette into how cancer care might develop within the next decade.



Living Language: News Segment

Speculative news segment from 2030 previewing service performance.

Platform Preview

User interacting with voting feature in prototype.

Development Work

Demo of Language Interface and Experience.


Created as a language outsourcing platform, dictating the Living Languages symbols is left to its users. However, in order to confer the most accessible experience for its creators I researched existing visual languages extensively.


A pathway of learning and practicing visual language in medical care.