Life+ Card Game

🌲 Mindfulness Made Accessible 🌲

In this fast society, the hustle culture is the backbone that drives the effort. We pour so much time into our works, to the extent that we disregard basic human needs such as eating and sleep. We lose sight of everything else. But is this ‘hustle’ actually ruining our present? Nothing lasts forever, after all. 🤔


Life+ is a card game created to imbue a greater appreciation to the life around us. As an expansion to life itself, the cards are designed to make use of your senses to bring your awareness to your surroundings. Themed after the 4 Wise Monkeys (do no evil, see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil), these questions will invoke a greater sense of wellbeing by reconnecting your senses to the world around you. Play with your friends as well and you might just learn more about how they live their lives and how they view the world 🙂