Arrivals; Rethinking Entrance Spaces

Kolam is an explorative installation design project which uses the design motif of Kolam as the starting point to begin my design . As the nature of the train station is a place where we spend about 3-5 minutes to get from the entrance of the next destination in the platform and takes about 10-15 seconds to notice our surrounding in fragments. The design concept seeks to investigate the opportunities in the train station with the understanding of the site context and how can I enhance the experiences in the train station. In addition capturing the hint of life of the places such that to allow both tourists and locals to know their whereabout through the design motif and displaying the different cultural values and identity of the place

Prologue of Transitional Spaces

A video capturing the elements of transition spaces such as Lights, Shadow, Patterns and the Colours. This idea of transition spaces is seen from the perspective of philosopher, Donald Winnicott and terminologies of transition in Indian Architecture

Commuter's Journey Map

Capturing the different touch-points in the MRT train platform


Interpretation of Kolam

Capturing the patterns of Kolam in series and sequences

Textures and Patterns


Capturing the different moments with the different exploration

Art Direction

To bring everything together in the station, I focus on the materiality and it's aesthetic. It seeks to display the train station as a blank canvas that is mundane and through my design to bring off the lively and the mood of celebration subtly.


Waiting Area