Collection I – Mushroom Pores brooch

Material: Sterling silver, oxidised silver, stainless steel wire

Dimension: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 2 cm

Mushroom Pores Brooch

Comprised of hundreds of silver granules, some are domed to give a pore like texture whilst the others are left as they are to blend in with the rest. All single granules are carefully soldered onto the back of a jump ring and then threaded onto the main wire structure; the entire making process took close to one month from start to finish.
For Sale: £765 (Alteration can be made upon request, price may vary)

Digital Design board

Created using Adobe Illustrator *This design was awarded the silver award in the 2D design section by the Goldsmiths' craft and design council award (GCDCA) in the 'diversity and inclusion' category